The final iteration of Team Ninja’s fighter has been out for a few weeks now. Finally a patch came through to help with the online errors and transferring of digital content that was previously purchased. Dead or Alive 5: Last Round had what seemed to be a difficult transition from last gen to current gen. But the community at large has considered this iteration to be the most polished edition of any DOA game to date. As a fan of the Fighting Game Community, I never really took any regard to the DOA scene. But the more time I’ve spent playing Killer Instinct, the more I’ve come to realize that despite a scene’s small size, there will always be a scene to play. To see the changes and effort brought to the DOA scene I’ve definitely come to respect the more competitive side of its game since the initial launch of DOA5.

The previous generation merely received a content update that updated the title much like that of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012. Owners of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate on 360 and PS3 simply had to purchase the additional content for the Last Round update. Despite a slight hiccup on PS3 due to some networking issues, the transition was smooth. The launch of DOA5LR meant that you didn’t necessarily need to purchase the game and could simply start with the core fighters pack for free. This gives you a starting set of characters and you can then later purchase additional fighters, or get the complete pack. This is a welcome opportunity for New Players that have been remotely curious to playing the game, and I highly recommend that you at least try out the title. I’ve always considered the DOA series to be a great intro to the 3D fighting genre as the base gameplay is super simple to grasp. However, put forth additional time, get into the core of parrying attacks and turning the tide on your opponents, there is a fun sense of high speed rock paper scissors to be found.


On current gen consoles, there was a bit more of a struggle. I came from the 360 to the Xbox One; I had to use the copy of DOA5U to create a file pass to transfer to the Xbox One. Despite doing this though there was an issue even getting the save files over. While this isn’t necessary to play the game, it did unlock all the titles you worked for previously, story progression, online record, purchased and unlocked costumes too. So if you’ve previously purchased content this is nice to have so you aren’t losing out on the money you spent toward the game previously. Of course you can also get the physical copy of the current gen versions too if you’d rather have a physical copy, and not have to go through the hassle of downloading over 45 items to your console. Yet even though I transferred my save data online I still didn’t unlock all of my content due to an error in loading the save. However, there was a patch update that let players at the very least unlock the entire story and costumes (with the exception of the DLC sets) by inputting a classic cheat code method.




Online functionality on the Xbox One was a chore as earlier in the game’s initial launch online would crash my Xbox One. Since installing the game there has been a patch that fixed this issue. Once online playing went very smoothly. I appreciated the ability to play through arcade mode and the other single player modes while waiting for the game to find me a match. It’s a feature that has appeared in many fighting titles as of late and it certainly helps to warm up before a competitive stint online.


Since the launch of DOA5 there have been consistent additions to the content available in the game. So much so that there is currently a $92 costume bundle giving all the costumes as they release and the current sets that are available! Music from previous DOA titles has been added, and even more character customization including hair styles and glasses. The addition of a Paradise Mode is here where you can view a short animation of your favorite female fighters enjoying their time on the beach in any costume you so choose, and then take photos. You’ll certainly want to take a look at this mode to really see the game’s visual improvements. Visually the game seems to be slightly improved on the current gen consoles in comparison to the last gen. While it’s not too noticeable, character models, lighting, and animations do look much clearer on the Xbox One.nyotenguphotoopvisual


To give some context to the opening statement I made about respecting the competitive scene of DOA5, I must be clear in saying that I respect all scenes, whether or not I understand them is a different matter. With the previous titles of the DOA series, I never really took it for a serious fighter. The game seemed more concerned with creating a fan service experience with scantily clad outfits and a focus on breast physics. While many of the scene would certainly prove me otherwise, DOA didn’t really ever seem to take itself seriously. DOA5 has been a testament to change that perception of the series. While yes the game still features many risqué outfits, and clearly holds true to its fanfare roots. The game has evolved quite a bit to be much more of a clean and delicate fighter. Precision, timing, and some of the fastest reaction speeds to ever be placed in a fighting title can all be found here. DOA5 began as a first step in a long road to becoming what it is today in DOA5LR. The changes and balances made since the game’s initial launch in 2012 has truly brought it up to not only be an entry level fighting title, but have plenty in the way of mastering the game’s mechanics. There has been clear support for this game and I give it praise for the immense fan following the game truly has.


DOA5LR adds two new characters to the game. The new characters include Raidou the boss from the original DOA as a cyborg reincarnation, and Honoka a new character entirely to the DOA series. Also new to DOA5LR are two fan favorite stages, Danger Zone from the original DOA and Crimson from DOA2. Along with the characters there is a long list of balance changes for those that want to get down to the nitty gritty of it all has outlined all of those changes to every character here.


In the end if you’ve been a fan from the beginning you know what you’re getting yourself into. If you’re remotely curious of what the game has to offer now is the perfect time to check it out. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round comes out as one of the premiere action fighting titles out there. Featuring plenty to unlock, see, and collect in the way of costumes. There is plenty to learn from the single player training modes easing you into how each character works, and additionally some of the more effective combos the characters can perform. The final chapter of DOA5 is here, and it ends it off with a bang. If you’re a fighter, your challenge is here!

This impression of DOA5LR was based on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions of the game. PC edition set to release 3/30/2015.

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