Late in October last year I had a chance encounter with the developers at Cubicorn Games as they were showing off their two upcoming titles Down the Drain, and Super Cucumber. Both titles were in an early Alpha stage when I was introduced to them, and recently I had the opportunity to take a look at the recent progress made to the titles.

Super Cucumber is an action platformer that I find to be much akin to that of Rocket Knight and Megaman in the way of both difficulty and overall feel of gameplay. In Super Cucumber I found myself creating mistakes in how I progressed through the levels, and oddly enough this wasn’t frustrating to me in the slightest I genuinely wanted to keep going. Navigating stages in this platformer is really about precision, the controls are extremely tight and you’ll want to consistently utilize any and all tricks that you have learned throughout the stages. In this build there was an added second level with a new boss to face off. This new level featured more flying enemies which had me being more cautious as to how I used my dash jumps. You quickly learn how to handle each situation with subtle visual queues and getting hit by your enemies. The new stage featured a western theme, with plenty of difficult obstacles to overcome. The new boss had an interesting gimmick of guessing what his next move was, after some pattern recognition you’ll come out of this fight on top. An ability to ride projectiles gives you an edge in certain scenarios, you can even ride your own fireballs which to be honest is way more fun than I could’ve imagined!

Down the Drain is a roguelike dungeon explorer in which you play as a snake named Marta as she goes about plumbing the pipes of her town. The really cool thing about this new demo is that there is more than one boss to encounter and you can’t count on facing the same boss twice in a row. This game is still very exploration heavy, but to see such a simple game with varying level layouts keeps you engaged each time you play. You can compete to beat your own time to complete the demo, or have your friends see if they can beat your time.

The big news is that these games have hit Kickstarter, and in the brief time that they’ve been up there its nearing the $10,000 goal. Its page can be found here! They have only a few days left to raise a minimum of $3,000 to reach their goal. If you need more than video to back these throwbacks to classic genres then check out their website where you can download the demo build that I played recently here. The two person dev team is just getting back from a successful trip to GDC this year, and its great to see a local indie developer to continue to gain success in their projects!

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