Fans of From Softwear’s latest endeavor, Bloodborne, have been breaking the media around this new game difficult to get through.

On the Sony Bloodborne website, an interactive trailer has been released showing off a few new environments and interactions. For a while, the trailer was completely unplayable. Fans stormed the site and clicked till they had carpal tunnel, breaking it readily.

Finally, the site has calmed down and it is playable again!

The trailer takes us to the city we have seen several times, but also now a new graveyard area on the outskirts of the city of Yarnham, and a forest were the undesirable are sent to. Through each area different enemies are shown a along with different weapons that can be selected by the player to use. Each weapon is usable, but its interesting to play through multiple times to see how effectively each can be used, or the situation each seem to work best with.

On top of this great inside information, Sony will award players with a theme called Nightmare Theme for the PS4. Save the code though, as it will be redeemable on the 11th of March.

Bloodeborne is the latest of the challenging RPG’s made by Japanese developer From Software. It is a PlayStation 4 exclusive that will release in North America on the 24th of March, 25th of March for Europe, and March 27th in the UK.

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