A mod is only as good as its assets, and the Starcraft II arcade is about to get … assetier?

Blizzard recently announced that it would be releasing all models and assets from its popular Warcraft III franchise into the Starcraft II Public Test Realm (PTR). The arcade community will now be able to utilize over a thousand models, structures, spells, and more in the Starcraft arcade. The arcade already grants users access to the Starcraft editor, which allows players to build their own custom maps as well as game modes.

With that in mind, Blizzard wants to see the community’s favorite moments from Warcraft lore, recreated in the Starcraft editor using the new assets. They urge any fans to jump in and start working right away:


Blizzard will be picking their favorites among the submissions and will be featuring them in a spotlight they will call “Memories of War,” once the assets released to the public.

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