On the Steam Greenlight Developer group (which is private in case you wished to go see it for yourself) Valve has decided to ask developers to stop promising free game keys for greenlight votes.

Valve has expressed that they are “Put in an uncomfortable position” as games are not receiving high votes for the actual merits of the game itself, but rather that users wish to receive free keys.

“When you give away copies of your game in exchange for votes, you put us in a really uncomfortable position.” the post detailed. “We do not think these votes accurately reflect customer interest and it makes our job harder in deciding which games customers would actually buy and play on Steam.”

In their post, Valve goes on to say that giving away copies of their games through contests or other means is definitely considered a marketing strategy, but ultimately giving them away does not reflect customer’s genuine interests.

Valve also says that as a general rule, requirements for submissions must include a gameplay trailer, four screenshots, and a written description, mainly pushing the gameplay aspect as essential.
“If your game is too early in development to show what the game is actually like to play with, then you have a concept and not a game.” The post continued to explain. “Please post as a concept until you can produce a trailer of in-game gameplay.”

Strong words, yet fair when one takes the Greenlight system into account, but it seems fair to say that Valve will be cracking down on it’s policies now in order to work towards giving the right games the recognition they deserve.

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