With the recent appearance of Pewdiepie on two episodes of South Park that parodied Let’s Players, I couldn’t help but wonder what people who are experiencing YouTube’s most popular channel for the first time thought. If I had never seen a let’s play or other gaming channels and saw this Swedish guy being obnoxious I would assume all Let’s Players are just like him, not funny and headache inducing. So I took it upon myself to procure and list seven channels that one could watch going in to 2015 that are worth watching.

7. GoldGloveTV

While a lot of his videos are pulled directly from his Twitch streams Goldy is still an entertaining gamer. From trolling other players in DayZ to Prop Hunt with Sark and Seananners, Goldy brings the laughs while never slacking on the length of his videos. While his streams are usually several hours long, his videos are typically eleven to fourteen minutes long, which makes them perfect for a few laughs on a lunch break or during any free time.

6. GassyMexican

I know what you’re thinking. With a name like GassyMexican this guy must be a walking stereotype. That couldn’t be further from the truth, Max is a dedicated humorous fellow who’s an expert in his field. Like many of the YouTubers on this list, I first ran into Gassy’s videos via Prop Hunt and other Gmod videos. These are a fantastic place to start on his channel. The videos typically run about fifteen minutes, which makes them perfect for when you have other tasks (like answering emails and homework) to do but want some thing to watch on another monitor.

5. Markiplier

I’ll admit I didn’t particularly like Markiplier when I first found his channel. But his humor and charm did grow on me while I was watching him power through horror games. I recommend delving into his horror videos they seem to be his bread and butter. A great series to start with is his Five Nights at Freddy’s videos. Markiplier yelps and jumps and swears in terror at the demonic animatronics that are out to get him.


4. Mr.Sark

One of the founding members of Machinima’s Respawn entertainment group, Mr. Sark has a very vulgar and hilarious humor about him. While I greatly enjoy watching him, Seananners, and others do their Prop Hunt shenanigans, my favorite videos by him are in Rebellion’s zombie mode in their Sniper Elite series. The video features Mr. Sark and a few friends powering through the entire game killing zombies with glee and Sark talking about how baby powder on his downstairs keeps him cool and focused under pressure. All the videos are a riot and I highly recommend starting there if your experiencing Mr. Sark for the first time.

3. Seananners

Another former member of the Respawn entertainment group, Seananners likes to keep his videos short and sweet. The videos typically stay around the three minute mark. What the videos lack in length they overkill in comedy, in a good way. Adam’s often times borderline cheating shenanigans are highly enjoyable. Don’t believe me? Go to his channel and watch him play any of his Prop Hunt, Gmod Hide and Seek, or Gmod Murder videos and see for yourself. While you’re at it go download his addicting game Zombie Killer Squad on your Android or Apple device, it’s a great time killer.

2. Game Grumps

Every time I hear the intro start with “ Hey I’m Grump! I’m not so Grump!” I can’t help but want to sing along. Danny, Arin, and the rest of the crew pump out new content every day and it almost never fails to bring laughs. My personal favorite videos on the channel are their trip through Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Watching Danny and Arin freak out and get stressed by the chase scenes made me laugh so hard I teared up and had to pause the video. Another great reason to invest in this channel is the amount of interaction The Grumps put into their fan base. The crew constantly interacts with fans at conventions and play games that fans have sent in, even shouting them out in the videos.


1. Achievement Hunter (Let’s Play)

Easily the most recognizable channel on this list the antics of Geoff, Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ray, and Ryan never fail to amuse. From Cops and Robbers in Grand Theft Auto to a fight club inspired episode of their weekly Minecraft let’s plays, this rambunctious group of gamers have become a world wide recognized entity with a massive amount of viewers. They recently announced their first live show (Let’s Play Live) where fans can come watch the Achievement Hunters do what they do best live and in person. Not only that but the crew is promising “incredible surprises” for attendees.

If you’re new to Achievement Hunter it’s really simple to get into their channel. Pick any video and prepare to laugh your self stupid. I know with the other channels I listed a few videos I found really enjoyable, but with these guys, they produce such a magnificent quality of videos day in and day out it’s hard to just pick one.

There you have it! Seven channels to get you better acquainted with the gaming side of YouTube. If you have any gaming channels you enjoy watching please feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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