If you’ve been trying to find a central location for your indie game desires then I’d like to point you into the direction of IndieGameStand.com! A site devoted to putting the indie scene in the spotlight. The site works very much like that of Gog.com or humblebundle.com, and each purchase will allow you to get a code for the PC platform of your choosing. Games are available for Steam, Linux, Windows, and even Mac. Another perk to the site is that you can see what games are available in Alpha and Beta state. The site is awesome for keeping up on the newest upcoming indie titles.

Now even bigger news is that Indie Game Stand is introducing a first of its kind subscription system. They’ve added what’s called the Elite Membership and it comes in monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions at the cost of $14.99 and under. Site founder Mike Gnade stated, “We’ve always tried to do things differently at IndieGameStand… we came up with a one-of-a-kind subscription service that offers something for everyone: great value for our most prolific customers, convenience for people who forget to check the site every four days for the newest spotlight game, and a new way for developers to hook up with potential customers. We’re super excited about it and hope our community will be, too.”

You can check out the full details of the Elite service here. Indie Game Stand launched in 2012 and featured a handpicked “Pay what you want” pricing on a indie game every 96 hours. With over 90,000 users and rising we have yet another great place to pick up the latest in indie titles.

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