Sleeper hit State of Decay is making its way to Xbox One and PC this spring. The Year One Survival Edition will include all the DLC for the game (Breakdown and Lifeline) as well as a total HD remake in 1080p. There will be new lighting effects, greater draw distances, better animations and textures as well as new gameplay features. Undead Labs, the studio behind State of Decay are keeping details of the latter under wraps for now. They do hint at some new mission types and at least one new character. The game will sell for $29.99 but those who purchased it on last-gen will get a 33% discount. It arrives April 28.

If you haven’t played State of Decay here’s why you should be excited. First of all, the loot. Looting is sadly not in most zombie games, despite it being a central part of the genre. Who hasn’t fantasized about rolling up in a pickup with your buddies in tow to take what you please from the local mega-mart? Next is the micromanaging. Your base and the survivors in it are crucial to survival. It isn’t a matter of how many cans of beans can you collect in a day rather are your defenses up to snuff? Do you have anyone with medical training in your group? Does everyone have a place to sleep? Balancing resources and personalities to stay alive is half the battle.

The other half is a brain blasting, bashing, smashing rollick through the zombocalypse. It really hits that sweet spot between pure fun and the consequences of a hardcore survival simulator. One minute you’re on top roasting zombies with molotovs, the next you’re half dead limping miles back to camp with a parade of zeds behind you. The game’s also got perma-death so guard your favorite characters closely. There’s also a fatal tipping point where the zombies start to win the war of attrition. Lose so many people or let your supplies fall below certain thresholds and you’re facing a downward spiral to defeat.

I’m really excited for the game because Undead Labs is a studio capable of admitting and fixing their mistakes. Not allowing you to load cars with loot was a bizarre omission from the game. They fixed it with the release of the Lifeline DLC. There’s also news that once your melee weapons break or guns run dry you’ll have a better fall-back than kicking zombies to death. The addition of a knife will spare your character from looking like they belong in a chorus line (seriously, repeatedly jump kicking zombies used to be your last resort). Additions built into the game have also been rock solid. Things like night defense makes for a brilliant feature that ratchets up tension and the level of strategy.

My biggest hope for the game is multiplayer. Though it’s just a few months till release, I’m holding out for an announcement. A cooperative mode would propel State of Decay into the stratosphere. So satisfying would it be to hunt hordes, scavenge supplies and build bases with your bros that I’m in awe just thinking about it. Better yet would be competitive play: taking on rival gangs of survivors for turf and supplies. Want to raid that gun store? Well, it’s in enemy territory so sneak or shoot your way in. I could say much more about State of Decay but I’ll sum it all up in this one gif:


Check out the announce video below:

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