SimCity BuildIt is the mobile answer to EA’s well known city building simulation game. Since it’s release 3 weeks ago it has amassed an impressive 15 million downloads.

The free-to-play game was announced back in September, and is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It became very popular very quickly, landing a spot in the iOS top 5 free games download chart in 100+ countries. Since it’s release, EA has stated that players have accumulated more than 8,000 years of gameplay.

“We’re thrilled you’re enjoying SimCity BuildIt, and we’re excited to bring new content and fresh updates to players as we grow and SimCity BuildIt over time,” EA said.

It is even a much bigger success that Dungeon Keeper, another free-to-play mobile game released by EA panned for it’s aggressive monetization. Hopefully EA can contain themselves from charging too much for in-app purchases in SimCity Buildit in order to keep it as popular as it is.


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