A new seven-minute long trailer is out for Evolve showcasing all the modes and classes you can expect from the game. Turtle Rock Studios, the guys behind Left 4 Dead, are setting their sights higher than a kill-a-thon with this new IP. For instance, the evacuation mode pits players versus a monster over a five level campaign that can have 800,000 different combinations when it comes to buffs earned by either side. Hunters win they get better tech, more allies, or environmental aids like sentry turrets. Monster wins and shields go down, equipment fails and environmental hazards like flesh-eating eels get thrown into the mix. The tug of war over resources and environmental modifiers adds an extra level of strategy to the hunt. With a variety of modes, classes and gear load outs, and monster abilities, Evolve is shaping up to be a highly replayable safari. Check out the trailer below and look for Evolve February 11.

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