A new trailer is out for the much anticipated zombies mode in this year’s Call of Duty. The controversial decision to charge gamers $50 for access to the mode leaves many speculating if it will be worth the price of admission. Putting traditionally free content behind a pay wall didn’t sit so well with the gaming public. Waiting two months to get the mode instead of releasing it at launch also raised some eyebrows. But it is finally upon us and like Zombies mode of yore a celebrity cast is on hand to give the release that extra bit of Hollywood umph.

John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Jon Bernthal, and Rose Mcgowan are four Atlas employees going toe to toe with the hordes of undead. This makes for the second time a cast member from AMC’s The Walking Dead have lent their voice and likeness to a COD Zombies mode (the first was Michael Rooker). Check out the trailer below and place your bets as to whether Bill Paxton will say “Game over, man! Game over!” The mode drops January 27 which seems to be a good day for zombies as it’s also the same day zombie-parkour-gorefest Dying Light comes out.

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