Capcom has just announced the long awaited release date for the latest installment in the Monster Hunter franchise. Monster Hunter 4U will be releasing on February 13th, the same day as the launch for the New Nintendo 3DS XL.

To commemorate both launches, Nintendo will also be releasing a limited edition Monster Hunter themed New Nintendo 3DS. The system will feature a custom design as well as come packaged with Monster Hunter 4U. The game will feature both local and for the first time on the 3DS, online multiplayer through use of a wifi broadband connection.

Capcom will also be releasing a demo for the game soon. The demo will contain single player as well as local an online multiplayer missions, along with:

– Tutorial on basics and weapon controls;
– All 14 weapon classes;
– 3 unique monsters;

Is Monster Hunter 4U worth picking up? Check out what we think of the Monster Hunter franchise in general.


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