Taking a look back at 2014 we had a ton of great YouTube personalities and videos. As we saw YouTube really grow and expand, we saw how the gaming industry took it’s part. Google issued a list of YouTube search quries of 2014 and Mojang’s popular title Minecraft came in second place with 75%, being beat out by music.

The game beat out searches for movies and even PewDiePie which is the number one channel on YouTube. Additionally the “Gaming” category on YouTube was in the Top 10 Trending list. The Google report says,

“A Google Consumer Survey fielded in October 2014 of people who said they watch gaming videos on YouTube revealed that only a portion of this group (37%) considers themselves ‘gamers.’ When asked about their motivations for watching gaming videos, viewers mentioned ‘entertainment’ and ‘humor’ as often as they mentioned ‘learning new strategies’ or ‘game tips.'”

“We also wanted to find out why they watch videos by creators such as PewDiePie and SkyDoesMinecraft. Quite a few fans answered, ‘Because they’re hilarious!’ Some even compared these videos to stand-up comedy. An up-and-coming gaming creator summed up interest with the following analogy: ‘You don’t have to play soccer to enjoy it on TV.'”

Maybe we can make “Gaming” the number one topic for 2015.

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