Crackle, the movie streaming site owned by Sony released the first trailer for the full length straight to streaming movie based on Dead Rising, Capcom’s over the top series of zombie games.

Much like the game it shares a namesake with, Dead Rising: Watchtower is set under the veil of a rampant infection that turns people into zombies. Once the government developed cure fails, it falls to four survivors to not get dead and hunt down the source of the outbreak.

The four leads are:
Dennis Haysbert — (24, The Unit)
Jesse Metcalfe — (John Tucker Must Die, Desperate Housewives, Dallas)
Virginia Madsen — (Sideways, Candyman, The Number 23)
Meghan Ory — (Once Upon A Time, Intelligence)

Funny guy Rob Riggle makes an appearance as intrepid photographer Frank West from the original Dead Rising in the series produced by Legendary Entertainment’s Digital Media and TV arms. Legendary Entertainment are also the studio behind the Warcraft movie that lurks in production somewhere.


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