Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is getting its first new playable character, the Baroness, Lady Aurelia Hammerlock on January 27. She’s the older sister to a certain gentleman scholar some might remember, Sir Alistair Hammerlock, from Borderlands 2. Similarly to the Hammerlock we already know and love, Aurelia lives for the hunt.

Like other characters in Borderlands games, the Baroness comes equipped with a special ability and three unique skill trees that focus on her different strengths. Cold As Ice is a kick ass song by Foreigner, but more importantly, it’s the name of Aurelia’s special ability that allows her to toss out a heat seeking Frost Diadem Shard. The shard will seek out its targets, stick itself to them and inflict damage over time. If the baddie happens to bite the dust while the shard is affixed to them, it will jump to the next nearest enemy and then the next, and the next until it runs out.


Each one of her three skill trees focus on a distinct aspect of her unique style. The Cold Money tree is directed towards the damage she does with ice and bestows a perk to put cryo damage on any gun. Contractual Aristocracy is probably the most interesting skill tree of them all. With this tree Aurelia can shanghai a co-op player and re-purpose them into a personal servant, which nets Aurelia sweet bonuses for any kills they land along with her own. Her Huntress skill tree is more straight forward, focused purely on sniping and making you more bad ass at it. One skill in particular will exponentially increase the damage done with each consecutive critical hit.

Those who have already thrown down the $29.99 price of entry for the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel season pass will have immediate access to the brand spankin’ new Baroness as soon as she goes live. Everyone else who hasn’t done that will have to plunk down $9.99 to unlock. The Pre-Sequel Season Pass includes access to each of the four planned content packs as they make their debuts on Linux, Mac, Windows PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, as well as the presently available Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack. It doesn’t stop there and also includes the level cap raising Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack: The Holodome Onslaught which offers an arena to complete challenges in with a buttload of new stuff like weapons, customization options, class mods and even enemies. All the aforementioned add-ons can be picked up piecemeal, but if you’re interested in getting them all, the season pass is totally a better value.


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