ArenaNet have finally unveiled the first expansion to their massively multiplayer online role playing game, Guild Wars 2. They dropped the announcement of Heart of Thorns at Penny Arcade Expo in San Antonio, Texas at their panel complete with a spiffy trailer. The expansion boasts a brand new class, new mastery abilities and a whole new zone, the mysterious Maguum Jungle.

The expansive jungle regions of Maguum are as lush as they are fraught with danger. The overgrown bosom of the jungle certainly seems to be one of the studios most fleshed out and engaging areas yet. The Jungle will be comprised of three distinctive biomes and will be one of the most sizable zones ArenaNet has ever produced for Guild Wars 2.

Instead of upping the ante by increasing the level cap or tossing more gear into the mix, the newly introduced account wide Mastery system opens up an avenue of end game character progression. As players complete a wide array of activities and missions and explore the map, new abilities will be unlocked like being able to sunder the chitinous bark from Mordrem or hang gliding, because why not. On top of that, a legendary weapon lies in wait for anyone set to grind out the new collections.

Specializations were also teased. These will bring new skills and weapons to the existing classes. Players will be able to unlock new traits and abilities for the characters they already have or instead make an entirely fresh go of it and try out the all new class, the revenant. These are soldiers built for front line combat, laden with heavy armor, wielding the entirely bad-ass power of the `Mists` and the spirits of ancient legends to banish their enemies.

There`s also going to be plenty of new PvP focused stuff. ArenaNet have added a stronghold mode that requires players to hire fighters, take them on missions and to assault the oppositions base. The team that defeats the lord of their opponents fort first will come out victorious. A new World vs World PvP map will also be added, the Borderlands.

To accompany the outing of Heart of Thorns, all experience gained this weekend will be double. Additionally, ArenaNet has slashed the price of both the Digital Heroic Edition and the Digital Deluxe Editions of Guild Wars 2, but the deal ends on January 25 a minute to midnight Pacific. Be sure to go through the Guild Wars 2 website to snag this sweet deal.

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