Japan is slated to get a hot pair of exclusive limited edition PlayStation 4 consoles from Sony and developer From Software to coincide with the March 24 release of the highly anticipated Bloodborne. The console is branded for From Software’s newest upcoming game, Bloodborne, and comes in two flavours: white and black or black and white, the word Bloodborne and a silhouette of a hero in the colour inverse to the console. The package will indeed come with a collector’s edition of Bloodborne included.

The Sony Store for Japan had the unique Bloodborne consoles listed for what would roughly be $400 stateside and included all the standard things like the headset and controller.


There’s been no announcement of the consoles being released in the western market, but the outcome doesn’t look good. A couple of special edition PS4s have come and gone exclusively to the market in Japan, like the units featuring Yakuza artwork and one branded for the Disney juggernaut, Frozen.

Everyone excited for Bloodborne should keep their fingers crossed, because anything can happen, but If the PlayStation 4 covered in Frozen junk didn’t get released over here what hope does Bloodborne really have? Would you pick it up if you had a chance? Will you go the extra distance and import it if it doesn’t?


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