The first year of PAX South featured tons of great indie developers with innovative and interesting titles. Boid from tinyBuild Games was one of the games that really grabbed my attention. The GAW crew was able to get hands on with the newest build of Biod with some assistance from tinyBuild’s co-founder Alex Nichiporchik.

Nichiporchik described the games as a very easily accessible RTS, similar in ways to StarCraft or WarCraft. Hearing this description might scare some potential players off, but after a few minutes with the game you quickly realize that Boid is not a time consuming, all encompassing RTS. It is more like a RTS/MOBA/Tower Defense hybrid game that can be learned quickly, but mastering the game will take time and well thought out strategies.


Instead of crazy resource management and tons of different types of units, Boid utilizes spawn areas and unit conversion points to create and power up your attacking units. There are 7 different types of attacking units that can be utilized depending on the map. Venoms, crabs, scouts, leeches, guns, kamikazes, and medics are all used to destroy enemy units and take over spawn areas in an attempt to control then entire map and win the match.

There are many different strategies that even beginners can use to try to make quick work of an enemy. Spawners are essential areas on the map. If you control all of a maps spawn areas, the enemy will be unable to create any units and the game will end. If you try to take over all of the unit conversion spaces, your enemy will be unable to convert his/her units from their original form, making them a much weaker version of what they could be if converted.

Each map has different types of unit conversion spaces and other obstacles that must be overcome in order to take control of the entire map.

boid turret

Once you learn what each type of unit and map obstacle can do to help you secure area of the map, you can quickly blitz your enemy and win the match, but as with any competitive game, any strategy can be counteracted.

Boid is definitely a very fun and accessible game, even for those of us who don’t have much experience with RTS or MOBAs.

If you want to check out Boid, it is available now on Steam Early Access, or you can go to tinyBuild’s website for more info on the game.

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