Duing the PlayStation Experience we got to see the world premier of Uncharted4: A Theif’s End. Naughty Dog also gave a look at the power of the PlayStation 4 which allowed the development team to create a more realistic version of Nathan Drake.

In an hour long video posted below you get to see the modeling of Nathan Drake as Naughty Dog artists take you behind the scenes to look at how they developed out his character. As part of the PlayStation Experience panel they also revealed a set of images that gave some comparison to Uncharted 3. Take a look at the gallery below to see the transformation for Nathan Drake. The new version of Drake is an older, more mature and rugged looking character showing the signs of his experiences. The new version of Drake will have up to 850 facial animation for Uncharted 4 while Unchared 3 had 120.

Naughty Dog has expressed that this game will give you a more personal look at Nathan Drake.

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