We all love a bit of competition, sports, fighting games, racing, shooters, anything with competition is sure to bring along your ragtag group of friends. However, this game is more than “Friendly” competition; this is Sportsball, a game in which you ride various birds into victory against your opponents! Too DX has created a game in which you’ll fly around the stage at top speeds keeping track of a ball to toss into a goal, all the while tackling and stopping your opponents from doing the same. A friendly competition can quickly turn into an all out battle for victory in Sportsball!


Sportsball is quite literally a game that mixes soccer, jousting, and riding various feathered creatures into an all out brawl for points! Up to four players can mount up into various stages to attempt to bounce balls into goal posts to rack up points. The birds that you choose to ride each have different stats and abilities that can give you both advantages and disadvantages in the match. Each team also features different birds, so there are a total of four birds per team, making a total of sixteen birds to choose from!


This is a couch co-op only game, so you and your friends have to be in the same living room for this one. However, there is a bit of solo play in the way of trying to get the balls into the goal as quickly as possible before the time runs out. This mode is called Rallyball, which is also co-operative, and each ball adds time to the clock, the idea is to see how many waves you can survive before exploding. This mode, however, isn’t representative of what the game’s core really is and that’s multiplayer.


There are variations to the two core styles of play, either Sportsball mode, or Duel. Sportsball has you playing the classic version of the game in which you hit the ball into the goal to score. You can add explosive balls, more balls, win by points, or the most points by the end of the timer. The Duel mode has you tackling your opponents for points. Again, this is customizable with explosive balls, timed games, or an overall total score. The game has plenty of different rules that you can change up to create new challenges and fun for each match that you play.

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Stages vary in how they’re laid out with platforms and goals. There are no specific goals that your team has to score in, like in basketball. As long as you were the last team to touch the ball before it goes in the goal it’s your point. It can be pretty confusing how some of the levels work; for example, when you drop from the ground at the bottom of the screen you’ll then appear at the top. Some of the crazier levels make this simple idea difficult to keep up with as you don’t exactly appear where you expect to.

Sportsball is a fun little party game to play with your friends. On your own, however, there isn’t very much to offer. The game is plenty of fun, simple to control, and very chaotic in the mix of all the action. It may take a few rounds of practice, but that’s what the Rallyball mode is for. Then again it’s even better to just drop people in and see how they fair in the Sportsball arena!

Sportsball - Review
The Good
  • Awesome four player action!
  • Quick and simple to pick up
  • Plenty of ways to play w/ customizable modes
The Bad
  • Not much for solo players
  • Chaotic play can be hard to keep up with
  • No online multiplayer
7Overall Score
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