Within the slew of console media that Microsoft has lined up, you can now find the Showtime app that allows access to on-demand and live network programming from your Xbox consoles.

If you already have a valid subscription to Showtime, you’ll be able to download and log in to the app at no extra cost to you and stream hours of archived showtime programs. I recommend recent hit series such as Dexter and Homeland. Or if the selection of great shows is all a bit much for you, you can choose between East Coast or West Coast live feeds of Showtime through the app. And if you are the type to watch on the go, just pause your shows on the app, re-open them on a tablet or phone, and continue using Showtime anywhere at anytime.

Those who do not already have a Showtime subscription but have Xbox Live may still be able to download and use the app for free, but content will be limited to you.


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