In case you missed it, Capcom Cup Finals went down on Saturday. As a special treat for all those in attendance, and those watching online we got to see the first official gameplay of Street Fighter V. In this video we get to see the new HUD featuring a Revenge Meter, and also an EX Meter in place of the Super Meter from Street Fighter IV. Ryu and Chun-li were the only characters featured in the short demo. The interesting thing was that Ryu only had two bars of EX Meter while Chun-li had three. While Ryu had one less bar, he could build meter much quicker than Chun-li it seemed, which leads us to believe that other characters will feature different size meters. The players featured are that of Mike Ross playing as Ryu, and Peter “Combofiend” Rosas as Chun-li. Mike makes an attempt at utilizing Ryu’s “Super Mode” by spending a bar of EX meter and doesn’t do so well with it. However, Combofiend does the same with Chun-li and seems to be much more successful in utilizing the bonuses given from her temporary boost. There is also a stage transition that occurs after a knockout in between rounds, specifically smashing into the restaurant after the first knockout. Not only that but a special bit of humiliation for a knockout inside the restaurant as well! Keep in mind this is still a very early build of the game, so we can only speculate on how the actual game plays. Street Fighter V does seem to be more combo heavy, but animations seem to be kind of stiff in comparison to its last iteration. The video can be seen here:

The game looks great despite it being such an early build. We won’t see Street Fighter V until 2018 some say, but rumor has been spreading it will see a 2016 release. With Street Fighter IV being a bit over six years old, its almost time for a new iteration to the series. Beforehand Yoshinori Ono took the stage to show an updated Street Fighter V trailer featuring more combos for both Ryu and Chun-li. Ono had stated that characters would be much more unique than ever, and they will have specific techniques that make them stand out from other characters. At the end of the updated trailer was a slight tease of returning character from Street Fighter Alpha series Charlie Nash. That trailer is here:

Street Fighter V is headed for PS4 and PC.


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