With only a week to go before the November 18 release of Far Cry 4, a screen cap of the map popped up on Reddit. This map lays out the numerous regions and the locations of outposts, various economic zones and the multitude of different animals to be found throughout the beautiful expanses of Kyrat.


The information the map contains will be incredibly handy for would be hunters. It outlines where to best locate the diverse wildlife populating the surrounding landscape like yaks, tapirs and the noble macaque, to name a few.

Reddit holds many secrets but after reaching out to Ubisoft and the Far Cry 4 twitter in particular, where this map was from was not one of them.

So the map is legitimate and not a hoax at all. It looks like there is a fair amount to do jammed into a space that doesn’t seem much larger than the map of Far Cry 3.

The next installment in the long running Far Cry 4 series will be released into the wild Tuesday of next week on for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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