After having such a successful second quarter, Sony has released the number of subscribers to their PlayStation Plus services. Currently the service boasts a whopping 7.9 million users, which heavily influenced the success Sony saw in earnings. This subscription number has grown 200 percent since the PlayStation 4 launched.

How did Sony achieve this? It seems the driving factor to the increase in subscriber number was due to the success of the games on the PlayStation 4. Games like Destiny and FIFA 15 significantly contributed. Additionally, the games included free trials of the subscriptions service as well as requiring the service for online multiplayer. But what really influenced the 200 percent growth was the new Instant Game Collection as players are able to get free games every month on behalf of the service. A Sony representative said,

“The Instant Game Collection ushered in a brand new model for the industry that really helped to define PS Plus as a premium service for gamers. PS Plus needs to continue this evolution as the industry changes, and you can be sure that we’ll continue to anticipate gamers’ wants and needs and find the best ways to serve them.”

With such a successful launch of games as well as the PlayStation 4 console, it’s no surprise to see such rapid growth for Sony. Whether or not it will maintain their momentum will depend heavily on the success of future games releasing on the console.

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