Starting December 2nd, five games by EA will be brought to Sony’s video game streaming service PlayStation Now. The games will be available to play around $1 per day according to PlayStation Blog. The games currently being added to PlayStation Now are Mirror’s Edge, Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 3, NBA Jam On Fire Edition and Bejeweled 3.
The open beta for PlayStation Now was available back in July before releasing open beta versions for PS3 in September. Later on, it had also arrived for PS TV and Vita as well. The UK is beginning to look as though they will be the first in the region to receive the beta, as Europe is expected to have the streaming service available sometime in 2015.
EA still proceeds to find ways to leverage its catalog on digital platforms since its started EA access, its own subscription-based services on Xbox One back in August. Sony had evaluated EA access and said it “does not bring the kind of value PlayStation customers have come to expect.”


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