Today, Sniper Elite III has received a single-player Shooting Range mode, the Twilight Strike co-op mission, a Capture the Flag multiplayer mode, and three new multiplayer maps all for free today on the PlayStation 4 via DLC(with it coming to other platforms soon).

The shooting range is a single player mode that includes three different ranges where players can test any weapon they would like. The mode also offers four different challenges.

The Twilight Strike co-op mission takes you back to Tobruk with a new mission, optional objectives, and trophies.

The multiplayer maps include Fracture, Night Watch, and Outpost Canyon and brings the Capture the Flag mode back to the series.

The best part about this? It’s all free. That’s right… Free.

505 has also released some paid gun camouflages as well. International Camouflage Rifles and U.S. Camouflage Rifles packs will each cost $2.99.

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