It seems like a misguided hacker has set his/her sights on Sony once again. It is unknown why Sony is the focus of so many hacker/online attacks, but it seems like there is no end in sight. This new hacker, self identified as #GOP, has threatened to release sensitive information that was obtained by hacking Sony to the public. Here is an image that has been sent to computers connected to the Sony network in Culver City.

sony hacker

According to Mike Fleming Jr at Yahoo!, Sony’s Culver City office has come to a stand still. All calls and corporate emails have stopped, and the employees don’t really know what to do. “We are down, completely paralyzed,” said one of Fleming’s sources. As for the demands mentioned in the photo, Sony says they have received no list of demands or any reasons as to why this is happening. Previous hacker have noted that they chose Sony as a target because of their relatively weak cyber security, but Sony has said in the past that they have beefed up their security measures.

In the meantime, Sony has taken every precaution they can, but without a known list of demands or any kind of information on this hack, it might be hard for Sony to avoid damage. Hopefully all of this can be resolved without issue. We will keep you updated on this situation as more info comes.

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