This weekend Square Enix is doing something interesting and allowing players who at one point or another registered a Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn account a chance to check out all the goodies of the upcoming patch 2.4, Dreams of Ice.

Returning players can begin playing on Friday, November 7 until it ends on Monday, November 10. Eligible players are those with inactive accounts, if you purchased Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and registered an account with the service, then you’re good to go.

Anyone coming back for a taste of the new stuff will find it in no short supply. From the spiffy new Rogue class and Ninja job, to new dungeons, story quests and missions, there’s plenty of goodies to hopefully hook those who let the luster fade and left the land of Eorzea.

This is a decent ploy to drum up players and get those who may have put the game on the back burner to return for Final Fantasy XIV’s first forthcoming expansion, Heavensward, which is planned to release in Spring 2015.


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