November is a monstrously busy month for video games, but something has me looking back at a game that I was all but done with. The DLC for Mario Kart 8 bares four new vehicles, three characters and eight tracks. It was a surprise when the DLC was made available ahead of the usual Nintendo Update time, but a totally welcome surprise.

If your Wii U is set up to download stuff and apply updates in standby mode you might find that the Mario Kart 8 version number has also been bumped up. This update to 3.0 includes support for amiibos. By adding amiibos to the game nifty racing suits for characters are unlocked.

If you’ve pre purchased the packs (like I totally did months ago) the game will let you know the DLC is available upon booting up Mario Kart 8 game. From there you can take to the track while you wait or just leave the game entirely. If you opt for the latter be aware that you’ll have to reboot Mario Kart 8 before the DLC will be applied.

While racing others around the globe in Mario Kart 8 you can choose to race against others with the DLC or those who don’t own it yet. I’m never a fan of fragmenting a community, but at least Nintendo gave the option to play with who you want.

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