Prepare to have your heart warmed this morning. A reddit post 2 days ago on the trials and tribulations of a Guardian, Trifecta01, recovering from brain surgery IRL went big on the board and with developer Bungie. David “Deej” Dague, a Bungie community manager, sent a gift pack including a rare exotic gun, “The Fate of All Fools”, a scout rifle with solar damage, to the convalescing Guardian. The original reddit post has over 300 comments and shows in inspiring style how a community can rally around one of its own.

The author of the post, Bkbunny87, is Trifecta01’s significant other. She describes in her post both the pain of illness and the compassion of strangers. She even found out games can be a kind of physical therapy. “To my extreme surprise, his Neurologist told us that video games have been showing tremendous use as a PT tool for brain and memory damage. He even brought Destiny up on his computer and after some speed reading he was all but jumping at the opportunity the game could pose for someone in my husbands position,” says Bkbunny87. She signs off her post with sincere thanks to the community, “Not a single reply was missed, and every single one of you contributed to his glowing happiness– and of course to mine. Thank you.”

As for that gun there’s some speculation it’ll be included in a future update, but noting for now is certain.

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