Today via Major Nelson’s blog site Microsoft announced a new bundle for the Xbox One, Ryse: Legendary Edition. The game bungle will include the Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome as well as all four of the game add-ons.

The four add-ons include:

Morituri Pack: This pack includes five new Solo Mode maps, a new Gladiator skin, and Two Survivor Maps.

Duel of Fates Pack: This pack includes three new Solo Mode Maps, a new Gladiator skin, and a new Survivor Map titled ‘Island”

The Mars’ Chosen Pack: This includes a new multiplayer mode, five new multiplayer maps, two new Gladiator skins as well as three new Survival Mode maps and new Arena Mode maps.

The Colosseum Pack: This pack contains two new maps and two new skins for Gladiator Mode as well as Commodus and Centurion skins.

The bundle is priced below the original retail price of the game at $50. Additionally, Ryse will also be making it’s way to PC this Friday. This version of the game will also include the four expansion packs as well as new PC supported features.


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