There are some pretty good games coming out for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 this year, like Sunset Overdrive and Halo: The Master Chief Collection for example. Since pre-ordering games has become a bit of a fad recently, Microsoft has decided to incentivize users to pre-order games on the Microsoft Store instead of other outlets.

The new promotion Microsoft is putting on will offer players 15,000 Xbox Live Rewards points to for pre-ordering a new game through the Microsoft Store website. If you are not familiar with Xbox Live Rewards, it is Microsoft’s service that offers points to users when they do certain things like completing surveys and buying games. When converted from points to dollars, the 15,000 XBL Rewards points ends up being $15 in XBL credit.

This promotion covers all new Xbox One and Xbox 360 game releases, but you can only do use this promotion on 3 games. There are also a few other stipulations that must be followed, like ensuring that you place your pre-order no later than 2pm Pacific Time on the Thursday before the game’s release.

All in all this is a pretty sweet deal from Microsoft. So if you are planning to get 3 new games this year for your Xbox consoles, make sure to sign up for Xbox Live Rewards and pre-order them through the MS Store!


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