In a recent revenue analysis done by Superdataresearch, figures show that popular MOBA League of Legends currently sits atop of the list for Yearly Worldwide Revenue for 2014 YTD for digital games.

According to the report, MMO’s* currently make up 21% of the world’s digital game market and are scheduled to generate $11 billion by year’s end.


Of that revenue, the majority is currently generated by free-to-play games which contain the options for in-game purchases, in contrast to the subscription based MMO’s.

Among those, League of Legends alone has generated around $946 million in revenue for 2014, sitting at number one. This beats out Activision Blizzard’s popular MMO World of Warcraft which despite the increase in 600,000 paying subscribers, currently sits at number 4 having generated $728 million YTD.

According to Superdataresearch, one reason for free-to-play models beating out subscription based MMO’s is the ease at which they can be distributed and monetized in new markets. “In the absence of an installed console base and in countries where people generally play at Internet cafés rather than at home, free-to-play games offer high-quality game play that is also accessible.”



*The study lists all genres they consider MMOs, which includes FPS, MOBA, Racing, MMORPG, Sci-Fi (SWTOR), Sports (Golfstar), Social Sims, Card Games and Virtual Worlds (SecondLife).

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