Ten minutes of Far Cry 4 co-op goodness have hit the web for all to enjoy. The guys over at Playstation Access go for a spin showing off why Nepal should be your next virtual tourist destination. We see a substantial upgrade over FC3’s co-op as you and a friend are let loose into the open world. Together you’ll take down outposts and the all new fortresses (think massive outposts) dotting the map. It’s unclear if the upgradable skills or gear will be a part of the co-op experience or if it’s strictly run-and-gun with what you can pick up. The Playstation Access folks raise a great point in their commentary that a whole new world of stealth will be opened to players. Taking outposts in FC3 Rambo-style was satisfying but now that you can bring a buddy along a new dimension of tactical options are possible. Wingsuit over a base and drop in? Roll in with elephants? The possibilities are endless. A special note for Playstation owners, you’ll be able to invite friends who do not own the game to jump into the mayhem. With ten trial tokens you can dole out the gimmick’s a nice touch to persuade gun-shy friends about buying into the full package. The game drops Nov 18. For more Far Cry coverage, click here.

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