Bloodborne fans have one last chance to check out the alpha this Sunday, October the 19th. After the final session being delayed by game developer From Software “due to some issues,” the developer has finally encored the session with co-op play included.

According to a PlayStation Japan support page, the delayed final session will run between 8PM and 11PM ET in North America, while Europe will be hosting it between 6PM to 9PM BST. Sony Europe also has made note that users can re-download the Alpha Test client if needed as in Europe the alpha will be extended.

For those that weren’t able to participate, while running through the strange streets full of monstrous creatures players encountered a strange boss monster. The creature uttered a phrase that some fans of the souls series may recognize, “Umbasa”. For those that don’t know, this is a phrase of religious significance in the previous PlayStation exclusive, Demon’s Souls. This leads some fans to believe that Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne are connected.

What isn’t speculation is that Bloodborne will drop in North America and Europe on February the 6th 2015.


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