Noted comedian and celebrity Will Ferrell has started an indiegogo  campaign to help raise funds for charity and children with cancer. Partnering with Donategames and other companies such as Amazon, Cancer for College and others,  Will Ferrell plans to host a 2 hour game session with top gamers as well as surprise guests.

The goal is to reach $375,000 by October 12, 2014, with users being able to donate anywhere from $10 to $5,000. Each donation rank comes with a few perks, but the main attraction is that each donation will earn users entries into a drawing where one lucky winner will gain an all expense paid trip for 2 to San Francisco to attended the game session.

Winners will also get a VIP tour of Twitch’s offices in San Francisco, where the event will be streamed live through TwitchTV. Other donators have a chance at winning other perks like Twitch Turbo codes, Will Ferrell’s “Game Face” official hoddie and other swag.

Those interested in donating can do so at the official indigogo donation page here.


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