Telltale, the developers that brought to us The Walking Dead  and Fable series, announced last year that they would be adding a Game of Thrones series to the collection of games. The announcement trailer gave us a tease of what is to come and Telltale recently gave us even more of a hint by tweeting about their game.

They quoted a piece from the fifth book of Game of Thrones, A Dance With Dragons, saying, “Tracks and Hunters, sworn to Deepwood with clan names like Forrester and Wood, Branch, and Bole.”

We’re assuming that the Forrester family will play a part in the upcoming game because, although the full quote was cited in the tweet, Telltale made a point to emphasize the name Forrester within it.

The Forresters are a noble family from the North that has allied themselves with the Starks.


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