With Super Smash Bros. only just releasing in Japan for now, no one can keep their hands off of it. In just its first week it has topped one million sales on just the 3DS version alone. According to Nintendo, since their first week of sales starting on September the 13th, the handheld game had reached seven figures. The only other games to come close to that are Pokemon X and Y, Monster Hunter 4, and Yokai Watch 2.

Of course getting to this point wasn’t easy for Nintendo, however. First they had to deal with leaks of the games roster, not to mention a very unpleasant situation regarding banning players who seemed to be cheating, but had actually come across a very convincing bug. None the less, this is a great opportunity for Nintendo to really pick up the numbers where they are falling flat. Beyond this is the western launch of Super Smash Bros. on October the 3rd, which will follow with the release of the Wii U version sometime holiday.


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