Do you ever blackout completely only to wake up with strange and unsettling games in your Steam Library? Are you put off by the never ending slew of New Releases and Early Access games? Sick and tired of being tempted with pre-order nonsense? Well then you’re in luck, Steam have retooled their digital storefront to be a customized experience for each customer that makes it significantly easier to have the games you want to play put in front of you.

“Discover your next favorite game. The Steam Discovery Update makes it easier to find exactly what you want when shopping for a new game experience,” read the Steam Home page. “In the past months, over 1,300 new titles have been added to Steam. We know you can’t play them all, so we’ve updated Steam with new features and functionality to help you discover the best new releases, the classics, and the unique indie gems you might be interested in.”

The renovated storefront page will be tailored with suggestions geared toward individual video game preference. Get excited for visual novel dating simulations? You’ll be seeing more of those, but if you don’t then you won’t. Steam intuitively takes into account the games you own, reviews and a host of other sweet new functions to help with the sifting. Any game already in your library will smartly be removed from the store page, or you can simply denote a disinterest in whatever you please and Steam will help you steer clear.

One interesting addition is the Discovery Queue. It provides a list of games you may very well want to play. From there, users can choose to do a number of things like remove it from the rotation, purchase it, Wishlist it or follow it.

Steam Curators are also a thing now. These can be singular people or groups who will provide feedback and guidance to help consumers better find the games they’ll love. It’s similar to following your favorite pundits, like the bitchin’ GamerAssaultWeekly crew, but jammed into the Steam interface.

Never forget.

Never forget.

“We have made great efforts to increase the number of titles we can publish on Steam, which means more choices for customers,” Valve’s Alden Kroll explained. “This update introduces multiple features and functionality to help customers explore Steam’s growing catalog and find the game as they are most interested in playing.”

While I appreciate everything Valve rolled into this update, I can’t help but wonder if this won’t remove some of the magic that comes with stumbling upon a ridiculous game you would never ordinarily play.


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