At the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix revealed their gaming service based in the cloud, Shinra Technologies. Former Square Enix president Yoichi Wada will be heading up the new business venture for the company.

Anyone familiar with arguably the most popular Final Fantasy game will know that Shinra Technologies shares it’s namesake with a seedy organization from Final Fantasy VII. The real world Shinra aims to be much less sinister, with less secret genetic engineering and more focus on providing a “new ecosystem for the games industry,” said Wada. He continued to remark on the astronomical costs of AAA game development, the inability of traditional revenue models to cut it anymore and the need for a different way forward.

With Shinra technologies’ “virtual supercomputer” architecture, Square Enix has given developers the ability to maintain one version of their game instead of many different versions on platforms with various specifications. It also allows for greater persistence in worlds to exist, “Let’s say you’re fighting in a city block doing all of this damage,” says Colin Williamson, Director of Partnerships, “In a traditional game, if you drive a few blocks in the other direction and come back, everything has magically reset. Shinra technology allows for worlds to change dynamically and have permanence. It also takes the burden off the developers to figure out tricks and workarounds to give the illusion of persistent world. Our worlds can truly have history.”

The new platform just has to coerce developers to invest their time and money to add value to the service help it to grow. Right now the company is in discussions with many “best-in-class” developers, with folks like the big boss at Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot.

While Shinra Technologies has no real launch window at present, the company has said that they intend to run beta test in both the Japan and the United States early in 2015.


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