The Xbox One exclusive Scalebound by Platinum Games was announced at E3 over the summer, little of what the game was about was known at that point other than dragons and dragon riding. For Scalebound creator Hideki Kamiya, this is a dream come true.

“When I was in high school, I really enjoyed sword and sorcery fantasy games like Sorcerian on my computer.” Kamiya stated in an interview. “For some reason I’ve never had a chance to express that sort of love – I mean, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to make games – but with [Scalebound] I’m able to.”

Until recently, most of the games developed by Platinum leaned towards Science Fiction, with games like Vanquish or Metal Gear Rising. Scalebound will be the company’s first shot at game in the Fantasy genre.

“I actually didn’t notice that until it was pointed out.” Kamiya said. “We didn’t really go into this with the intent of ‘let’s make a fantasy game.’ Rather, we focused on developing the game we wanted to make and it happened to be a fantasy game.”

As someone who has always held a love for dragons, for Kamiya, making a game like Scalebound is a dream finally realized. Kamiya when asked about what his favorite dragon was he answered: “The dragon that sticks with me the most is definitely the one from Sorcerian. The last boss in the first scenario was a hydra.” Kamiya added with a laugh, “That might have something to do with why there’s a hydra at the end of the trailer, it might not.”

There no specifics revealed about Scalebounds gameplay, the developers did note that dragons would play a large and vital role in it.  As for the relationship between player characters and dragons, Kamiya stated he wanted it to more than just a pet or tool in battle and that the relationship between the two will play a large role in the game.

Both Platinum Games and Kamiya himself have a long history of making fast paced visually intense and stunning games. For Scalebound however, Kamiya noted that the game would not be a simple action game.

Sadly, Platinum could not reveal many details about the game. As for when the game is going to hit store selves, producer Atsushi Inaba stated, “We’re not at a stage where we can answers what percent the game is done.” He did reassure that, “Seeing as we’ve announced the title, we want to avoid a situation where we end up making fans wait for years and years.”

Look for Scalebound exclusively on the Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku

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