Oculus, Sony, and now Samsung. Samsung is joining in on the virtual reality craze with the new Gear VR (created by Oculus VR), which will use the newly revealed Galaxy Note 4, which has 5.7 inch 1440p screen, as its driving force. The mobile device will be used as the screen for the headset by clipping it sideways onto the front and the headset will be used to adjust the setting for the adjustable lenses. The phone will have a an accelerometer and gyrometer which will capture and read the movements of the head, and will now be adding the Oculus Cinema, which is a new feature that allows the wearer to watch their favorite 2D and 3D movies in a number of different theater experiences through the headset.

The downside, though, to this addition to the virtual reality genre is that the Gear VR cannot measure depth yet. If you move your head to the right, left, sky, or floor, the phone can read that. Unfortunately, if you move it forward or backwards, it can’t. PlayStation’s Project Morpheus handles the depth with its PS4 camera and the Oculus Rift can read it through its own peripheral camera, but the Gear VR is dependent on the phone itself, which, as of now, can’t quite grasp the movements of depth. It’s limited by the horsepower of the phone and the technology that powers it. This is just the beginning of the development of the Gear VR and the beginning of virtual reality, mobile or otherwise, so it can only improve.

According to the Oculus Blog, the idea started “as an experiment to see if great VR was possible on next-generation mobile hardware.” And for an experiment, the end result has turned out well. On Engadget, the author gives us a preview of the device and of its capabilities, such as a feature that allows for a real-life feed into the headset so you won’t have to remove the virtual reality goggles, and a description of his experience with a Cirque du Soleil video where the headset allowed him to stand on stage and look around from there. He even says there isn’t a lag with the device.

Samsung stated that an early edition of the Gear VR will release across North American this year. Nothing specific, though, has been said, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do. The only thing we can say is that is will be available online when it comes out and through “select carriers.”


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