Legendary  game creator Shigeru Miyamoto  is sitting in the director’s chair for the first time and is making his first short film.  The short will star the Pikmin and will of of course be called the Pikmin Short Movie.

The film was born out of things and stories that he was not able to explore in the game version of Pikmin. The movie will be separated into three parts titled the “Midnight Juice,” “Treasure Inside the Bottle,” and “One Tough Day.”  

The  film will be animated in full CG and shown in the 3D. The length of three short films is yet to be determined. Pikmin Short Movie will be screened at the Tokyo International Film Festival and will also be screened at the Toho Cinemas Nihonbasi  for free, with tickets being handed out via a raffle.

Source: Kotaku

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