In 2010 Harmonix launched the Rock Band Network, a place where artists, record labels and fans alike could create songs for Rock Band and play the creations of others. Well, it’s been said that it’s better to burn out than to fade away, but in this case a graceful end to the service might be just what it deserves. They broke the news in a forum post on September 17.


“After four years, 2,121 songs, and countless hours of investment from some of the most talented and passionate Rock Band fans around, it’s time for the sun to (officially) set on Rock Band Network,” Harmonix noted in the post.


The post continued on to say when it launched the platform originally they had “no idea” things would end up as incredible as they turned out. They rhythm game developer couldn’t have known that a community of prolific authors would spring up in the wake of the service. The 2, 121 songs on the network is only a few more than the work of the Harmonix team who crafted 2,100 songs for the releases of the games over the years.

The company cited a bunch of issues with the stability of the platform, in particular after wrapping up production of DLC back in April 2013. Fans will still be able to purchase songs released on the Rock Band Network, but no new submissions will be accepted going forward. The resources will instead be shifted and utilized on Fantasia: Music Evolved, the next game on the horizon from Harmonix.


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