Guardians hungry for more content had their anxieties calmed by a bug in their favourite space age lootfest, Destiny. The in game bug revealed the locations and names of content in both forthcoming planned downloadable content packs. There’s even a youtube video showing it all off you can watch if you’re interested in spoilers.

While the expansions coming to Destiny, House of Wolves and The Dark Below, were no big secret and it was expected that they would add new content, no one had any idea about how much and of what. While a large segment of the main Destiny campaign had you slog through legions of the most heinously bad robo-dudes on a quest to reach a place known as “The Black Garden” and stopping whatever it was up to, the content in the first expansion pack, The Dark Below will see Guardians try to stop “The Black Garden” from being rebuilt. The big bad behind it all will most likely reside in a new raid, “Crota’s End,” found deep under the crust of the Moon.

A reason to go to the moon that isn't Helium Filaments.

A reason to go to the Moon that isn’t Helium Filaments.

It seems like some of the stuff to be included in both The Dark Below and House of Wolves wasn’t fully there, bearing placeholder titles and descriptions, like a new strike on the Moon, “Moon_Portal_1.” While it’s present on the destination selection screen, the raid planned for the Reef bears the name “Reef Raid Description.” In total it seems two raids and four strikes have been planned between the two packs, but who knows what else will come with the expansions. We’ll find out plenty more in December when The Dark Below drops.


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