The upcoming ambitious open-world racing game by Ubisoft, The Crew, will have a closed beta starting on September the 30th. The beta will be for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but Ubisoft hasn’t announced or explained how participants will be selected for the beta, but there is a sign up section on the game’s website. Don’t forget you’ll need a Uplay account to sign up for the closed beta.

The PC’s beta has already been held which was quite extensive as it is. In the beta you can explore the entire United States with the ability to participate in a variety of missions and challenges with no load screens. There are also two PvP lobbies available where players can compete against other players in the US Midwest and East Coast.

Of course Ubisoft would like to remind players that the beta isn’t representative of the final game. Several changes will be made before the game launches on the 11th of November.

Besides the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 The Crew will also be made available on the Xbox 360 all on the 11th of November.


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