Cinemaware has announced a digital distribution partnership with to offer a selection of Cinemaware’s classic games.

“We are really proud to be working with in bringing our classic games into wider distribution so that many more gamers can enjoy the classic gameplay of Cinemaware’s games,” said a spokesperson for Cinemaware. “Cinemaware had a great influence in the golden age of videogames and a new generation of gamers will now be able to enjoy them!”

Each of the titles includes the original manual scans, music files, box art, and when it’s possible all the additional bonus content that had been available during the game’s original release. The first title to launch under the agreement is Defender of the Crown, a strategy game that initially launched on the Commodore Amiga back in 1986.

“We started as a store that sold only classic games; and many of us at the office have fond memories playing Cinemaware’s titles on Amiga when we were kids,” added’s managing director Guillaume Rambourg. “These games had a cinema-like flavour and universe of their own. It’s a real pleasure for us to bring back to life some of their classic titles in a DRM-free fashion, for nostalgic and young gamers alike!”

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