It has finally come to pass that my inability to get rid of anything video game related works to my advantage. With Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS about to launch, console modification enthusiast extraordinaire, dekuNukem, took it upon himself to find a way to make the old favourite control method work with the new game and played nice with the hardware of the 3DS. He not only made it work, but managed to do it on the cheap. If that wasn’t grand enough, dekuNukem went the extra mile and tossed the grocery list of what you’ll need and some rough plans onto the open-source software repository GitHub for everyone to enjoy.

People looking to do it themselves will spend roughly $12 for all the parts required. These range from a circuit board, some resistors and the screen of a Nokia cellular phone to provide visual feedback and allow players to map buttons from the controller. For those reluctant to attempt the mod, dekuNukem is taking some limited requests.

The mod will supposedly work with any game. Any. Game.

The mod will supposedly work with any game. Any. Game.

I don’t think I could soundly recommend anyone try this on their precious 3DS or 3DS XL, but it’s wonderful and inspiring what passionate members of a community are capable of.

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