Not long after the closure of EA’s Mythic Entertainment, the company has officially announced it will be closing down servers for Ultima Forever.

“This was a very difficult decision for us to make. We’ve seen the game through ups and downs, and hope that you’ve enjoyed playing it every bit as much as we had making it!  Through it all, it’s been players like you who’ve made it all worthwhile.”

While Ultima Forever servers will be shut down on August 29th 2014 and no longer available to play, players can expect some fun rewards in the meantime.  As a special thanks to those  who supported the game, Ultima Forever will be offering players increased virtue and reputation rewards, higher drop rates for Gold Keys, no degrading on equipment and other changes.

Fans are encouraged to visit the game’s Facebook page and share their favorite moments as the game comes to a close.

Image Source: Ultimacodex

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