Square Enix and SNK Playmore are now in a heated legal battle after SNK filed a criminal suit against Square Enix for Copyright Infringement. The basic run down of events so far is SNK Playmore claims that Square Enix infringed on several intellectual properties of SNK Playmore through the popular Manga, High Score Girl. The Manga is about arcade gaming featuring various video game characters.

SNK Playmore says the alleged infringement came to their attention when the anime adaptation of the manga was in production and the animation studio contacted SNK to use various music and characters in the show. However, SNK’s content was used in the manga without their knowledge. There are few details about what content was used in the manga. Though SNK Playmore alleges that there were over 100 instances where various characters from King of Fighter and Samurai Showdown were used without the company’s consent.

“In order to protect our copyrights and strictly address infringements, our Company cannot overlook the extremely malicious act by a major group company listed on the stock exchange,” said SNK in a statement. “In order to protect our characters and games such as Metal Slug Defense which are widely loved by users around the world, we will continue to resolute in measures against infringements and other acts against our copyrights.”

SNK Playmore says they attempted to contact Square Enix about the matter, however they did not receive a proper response. This lead to SNK Playmore filing a criminal lawsuit against the company through the Osaka Police Department in May.  It’s reported that on Monday August 5, Osaka Police Department raided Square Enix’s office in Shinjuku, Tokyo, along with other parties in connection to the case. Along with confiscating relevant materials, the police intend to question editor and author Rensuke Oshikiri.

The investigation is currently on going.

Sources: Siliconera, Sankei and MCVUK

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